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A thrilling and competitive event that challenges participants to navigate through various HR scenarios, test their problem-solving skills, and prove themselves as true HR Heroes

1st Prize




  1. A team should consist of four members from the same college/ university centre.

  2. Maximum of 2 teams from a college / university centre within the same premises will be allowed to participate in the event.

  3. Participants should carry their ID Cards during the entire event.

  4. Each team should carry a minimum of 1 Laptop with proper internet connectivity.

  5. Participants should report at the right time for each round and there will not be any extra time.

  6. Use of mobile phones and other electronic devices are prohibited during the event.

  7. All participants are required to maintain discipline and follow the guidelines throughout the event.

  8. Any misconduct or failure to adhere to the rules and regulations will lead to disqualification of the team.

  9. Decisions of the judges, event heads and higher authorities of MIM will be final.

Event Co-ordinators

Amal Tomy – 9497880874                            Jesna Mary – 6238744613

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